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Cappio Drink CapsuleUnlike most of the other products in the range the Kenco Singles Cappio drink is actually an instant product rather than a filter coffee, however this should not detract from the quality of the product as this is one of our best-selling products. Kenco Cappio is a frothy, sweet and indulgent coffee product, and whilst not a true cappuccino it does offer a luxurious alternative to the other coffee and teas in the Kenco Singles drinks range. The sealed capsule means that the product stays fresh until it is inserted into the Kenco Singles brewer and the drink is produced.

Kenco Local Business Service are the most competitive supplier of Kenco Cappio Singles drinks, as well as the rest of the range of capsules, across London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. We keep all of the different flavours in stock and have drivers visiting all parts of the area on a regular basis which enables us to offer a first class and speedy delivery service. If you are buying these products anywhere else please contact us to find out if we can offer you a better deal. We can also supply the Kenco Singles machines and our fully trained in-house technical team can provide all of the service back up that you may require. Our warehouse just outside of Hemel Hempstead allows us to offer a great service in towns such as High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Slough, Reading, Marlow and Watford.

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