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Kenco Local Business Service is the answer. We provide a wide range of high quality vending. We have over 10 years experience in:

Coffee and Vending Machine Suppliers

Supplying top quality vending and coffee machines, including the latest models and water coolers, to companies and organisations of all sizes across Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. As well as supplying, servicing and maintaining coffee machines, including the Kenco Singles machine, we also provide and support many drinks and food dispensers providing products such as cold drinks, including Coca Cola and Britvic, snacks and chocolates and much more besides

Coffee and Vending Machine Consumable Suppliers

Providing and stocking a wide range of vending machine consumables including many household brands such as Kenco Singles, Maxwell House, Suchards, Walkers, Cadbury and Coca Cola . Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance branded products are also available.

Reliable Service Providers

Delivering a reliable and professional local service for many different types of coffee machines backed up by a national network of trusted Kenco operators.

Vending Machine Maintenance Providers

Vending machine servicing and maintenance to the highest industry standards. We are fully trained on vending machines from a variety of manufacturers including N&W, Crane, Jura, Crem, Bunn as well as the full Kenco range of coffee vending equipment.

Why do we choose Kenco?

You may ask why we choose to align ourselves exclusively with Kenco. We feel that they have the most complete range of hot drinks ingredient solutions in the industry and tremendous experience and understanding of the market place, consequently we believe that there really isn't a brand to rival them. Over the years we have been delighted with the consistently high quality that they have delivered as they use only the best quality Arabica beans in their products. When this attention to detail and quality is combined with the best equipment in the market you do get a great drink.

Kenco have also consistently innovated with new products being introduced to stay ahead of the market trends. Indeed there are some very exciting new developments to come later in 2012. When you combine their experience in producing the right ingredient solutions with our expertise in choosing the right equipment, we believe that you have a winning combination. Now there really is no excuse for a poor hot drinks offering in your office.

Below are some details of the different applications our machines can be used for:

Are you looking for an office coffee machine?

We can offer bean to cup office coffee machines such as the Jura machine range or the N&W Koro, Korinto and Kobalto coffee machines. These offer a wide range of speciality coffees , hot water options with some also offering hot chocolate. It really is possible to produce large 12oz frothy coffee shop style drinks in your office.

Alternatively a capsule office coffee machine such as the Kenco singles brewer can work very well in an office environment. This machine offers a wide range of filter coffees, teas and hot chocolate. Whether you require a coffee machine for a quiet reception area or a busy staff kitchen we have one to suit your requirements.

How about office vending machines?

The Snakky and Rondo snacks equipment are ideal for use in the office environment. They can vend a wide variety of products from bags of crisps and chocolate bars to cans and bottles of soft drinks and fruit juices.

If you are looking for a floor-standing coffee machine then how about the Darenth Refresh 1400 or N&W Astro coffee machine? Both of these machines offer a wide range of high quality drinks, are attractive and easy to use.

Hotels and conferencing?

Kenco Local Business Service now offer the full range of Bunn bulk brew equipment. This is ideal for hotels, cafes and conferencing sites where a large amount of filter coffee needs to be produced in a short space of time. In smaller conferencing and meeting facilities coffee machines such as the Kenco singles brewer may meet your requirements. This system is exceptionally reliable, easy to use and produces a range of high quality filter drinks. The Kenco Maxi is another table top machine at home in conferencing and meeting facilities. It is a fast dispensing and extremely reliable machine that offers a wide range of coffees including cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and espressos as well as decaffeinated and chocolate options.

“Proper” Coffee machines for cafes and restaurants?

We now supply traditional 2 and 3 group espresso machines as well as high capacity automatic bean to cup coffee machines such as the Zion and the N&W Kobalto. As we also supply coffee beans, chocolate powders, take away cups and lids, sugar sticks, stirrers and milk portions we really are a one stop shop. Don't forget all of this equipment comes with installation and full training as well as the option of on-going technical support..

Factories and warehouses?

High capacity snacks and cold drinks machines such as the Rondo machine are ideal in these environments. They are robust, easy to use and maintain as well as holding a wide range of products, including both snacks and soft drinks.

If you require a coffee machine for a busy warehouse then look no further than the Kenco K Bar or the Darenth Refresh 1400 vending machines. Both are durable, flexible, easy to use and offer a wide range of hot drinks.

As you can see we offer vending and coffee equipment to suit a very wide range of applications. Let us work with you to choose and supply the right vending solution for your premises. Purchase, lease, rental and loan options are available, all supported by full training and technical assistance from our expert staff.

An Introduction to the Kenco Coffee Company


Call us today on 0845 061 1122 or email us at enquiries@kencovending.co.uk to get one step closer to great drinks and snacks from great vending machines supported by a great personal service.

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